Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Hardware's a commodity - Why bother managing capacity? Conclusion (7 of 7)

The perception of IT by many has changed.  End-users and customers see IT as a commodity – no different than throwing a light switch.  Therefore, those of us in IT Capacity Management must work hard to combat the perception that improving performance or managing capacity is as easy as throwing a switch or buying another blade.

This can be done in two key ways, by constantly:

·        Communicating to those in other ITSM processes and the business.

·        Building value by maturing existing Capacity Management processes.

That said, it’s always important to evaluate your career and how you can improve your own situation.  Whether you want to stay with your current company or move on…and whether you want to stay in Capacity Management or move up to you.  I hope.  That’s not always the case, and I’ve seen very talented people looking for work through no real fault of their own.
But any such blow can be minimized by preparing for the next challenge even while you’re working on the current one.  Take technical training, ITIL (or other good practice framework) training, or company specific training.  Take advantage of tuition reimbursement when possible and never miss an opportunity to network, network, network.

If it's Capacity Management training that you're interested in then check out our on-demand workshops

And never stop thinking about where you’d like to be, which may or may not be where you currently are.

Rich Fronheiser
Chief Marketing Officer