Monday, 22 November 2010

Capacity Management - at the Heart of Green IT

It’s nice to know that despite the current economic climate there is still plenty of interest in Green IT and its related issues.
How do I know this? We were at the Green IT Expo recently and the place was heaving.
Very heartening, on a personal note, that my speaker session on the role of Capacity Management in Green IT was standing room only.
To tell the truth I’m not really surprised that there is a surge of interest in capacity planning and modelling now, new technologies like Virtualization and Cloud, and the inherent need to monitor and control them have come to the fore – putting Capacity Management very much at centre stage.
The principles of effective Capacity management are a good reflection of Green IT and everything it stands for.
You can hear my musings on the subject at our free webinar in February

Ian Upton SVP, UK Sales and Business Development

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  1. Excellent session, well received by all I spoke to on the day.