Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to save BIG MONEY with Capacity Management

In today’s tough economic climate the need for capacity management expertise is ever more important. Even with the relatively low cost of hardware, there are still considerable benefits for businesses in using solid capacity planning. 

I'm running a webinar tomorrow which looks at how a relatively short consultancy engagement was able to save big money in deferred purchases.

Metron Professional Services (MPS) were asked to perform a capacity planning exercise on a business critical system for a large financial services organization. The organization was planning to replace the hardware with the latest generation (for this read, very expensive) servers and the latest database technology.

MPS was involved from the very beginning of the project from reviewing the impact of the upgrade to making recommendations on the hardware specification.

I'm going to be talking you through the project in detail and will be covering the following:
  • Data Capture
  • Problems encountered with load testing
  • How analytical modeling was used
  • The results and conclusion 
There’s still time to register for this event so why not come along and get some ideas on how you could save money for your Organization.


Jamie Baker 
Principal Consultant

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