Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Vmware Capacity Planning

VMware is the go-to option for virtualization for many organizations, and has been for some time. The longer it’s been around, the more focus there is on making efficiency savings for the organization. This is where the Capacity Manager really needs to understand the technology, how to monitor it, and how to decide what headroom exists.

I'll be running a webinar 'VMware Capacity Planning' on December 16, where I'll  take a look at some of the key topics in understanding VMware Capacity. 

      •     Why OS Monitoring Can be Misleading

     5 Key VMWare Metrics for Understanding VMWa re capacity

     How VMWare processor scheduling impacts CPU capacity measurements

      Measuring Memory Capacity

      Measuring Disk Storage  Latency

     Calculating Headroom in VMs

Register for your place now http://www.metron-athene.com/services/webinars/index.html

Phil Bell

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