Friday, 21 April 2017

Maturing your Capacity Management processes - People( 8/11)

The number of people used to support the capacity management process within your organization will obviously vary depending on budget, scope, IT landscape etc. 

Throughout the industry there is no set pattern on the number of people associated with capacity management with a wide variance in the number of people deployed regardless of the size of the estate.

If you are starting the journey of implementing capacity management the decision on experience and how many people to recruit will largely depend on the factors outlined above. 

Whether as a business you recruit an experienced capacity manager, contractor or a consultancy company, the one key people element is the utilization of capacity champions. 

A capacity champion is a person that is an expert in their respective area, has an interest in capacity management (they’re probably doing it already in their own silo) and is a good communicator/facilitator.  

The recruitment of champions provides you with the following benefits:

·         Easier to obtain relevant data
·         More detailed expertise and knowledge
·         Improved integration with the business
·         Easier to raise and maintain the profile of the capacity process

The capacity management champion will also be crucial in what I’ll be looking at next time, keeping the momentum going.

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Jamie Baker

Principal Consultant

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