Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How can you realistically capacity manage the Cloud?

Cloud Computing is an area that is garnering much attention in the IT industry and it looks as though all organizations will have some form of Cloud implementation over the next few years.
What Cloud Computing is allowing organizations to do is manage their resources in a way in which the infrastructure does not continually spiral in growth. This could be a mix of private and public Cloud, and for public cloud it could involve a variety of external providers.
The main reason Cloud Computing works is because of virtualization both on the x86 and Unix/Linux platforms.  The key to making Cloud Computing work within an enterprise is an effective Capacity Management process.  An enterprise should have a Dashboard / Portal along with regularly scheduled reports that not only the IT staff, but also the Business Owners can look at to assess their environments.  It is critical to keep the Business Owners apprised of their resource usage as it could change dynamically as other factors in the environment change.   The types of reports you would produce for a Private, Community or Hybrid Cloud architecture may have similar qualities but need to provide a focus to the particular resource used. 
What is without doubt, is that the range of environments you will have to manage will become ever more complex. What you can and should do in terms of capacity management will vary with the nature of your own implementation. Join me on 9 December at a webinar and find out what it will be realistic for the capacity manager to provide to the business in this complex world of interacting services, and how we can help you achieve it.

Charles Johnson, Consultant

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