Monday, 20 December 2010

Proven Practice: Implementing ITIL v3 Capacity Management in a VMware environment

Implementing an effective ITIL Capacity Management process could be considered challenging in all but the most static of environments.  When a dynamic and feature rich product such as VMware vSphere is brought into scope, it can make a challenging exercise seem almost impossible. 
When incorporating VMware into an existing Capacity Management process or even starting from scratch, we tend to hear the same questions regardless of the business type or size, namely:
·         Where should we monitor VMware i.e. Cluster, host, guest etc and what should we monitor?
·         How do we integrate these new capacity and performance aspects into our Change process?
·         How do these new metrics relate to the services or do we need to redefine the relationship between the services and supporting components?
·         My “Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)” don’t appear to be valid, what should I use instead?
·         I’m not sure what all this new terminology means and how I can manage the performance and capacity of it.
The answers to these questions (and many others) will be addressed in a series of whitepapers discussing how VMware and virtualization will integrate with ITIL Capacity Management; the first of which can be downloaded from
In addition to the whitepaper, Metron Professional Services also have a wide range of consultancy and training offerings that can provide anything from a gap analysis, to a workshop in VMware performance management or a full process implementation.  The full extent of our service catalogue can be viewed on our website at
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Rob Ford

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