Thursday, 6 November 2014

CMG 2014

The boxes are packed and a whirlwind week at Performance and Capacity at CMG 2014 is almost history.

Metron's had an active week here -- we presented 2 papers, participated in an APM panel, manned an exhibitor's table in Vendor Alley, and met a lot of people who are interested in implementing or maturing their capacity management processes.  Some of those we met at our table, others we met between sessions or during the coffee breaks, and others we met over evening dinners or even in the hotel bar when all of us were looking to wind down from a busy, but productive day.

Wednesday night we had a vendor presentation where people had the chance to see details about the future of athene® and also details on our mainframe solution athene® ES/1.

As someone who's been at 14 of the last 16 CMG events, I've learned a lot this week and have felt energized by the attendees and the presenters -- all of whom get together annually to exchange knowledge.  The CMG has become a smaller event, but I'm encouraged by the number of first-time attendees this week who realize that performance and capacity management are important disciplines in today's dynamic data centers.

Now the hard work begins for everyone -- taking that knowledge and information gathered this week and using it in the next weeks and months to show a return on investment on their attendance at the event this week.  Metron will be right there to work with many of those attendees and their organizations to implement Capacity Management solutions to help make that return a reality.

Let's get to work.

Rich Fronheiser
Chief Marketing Officer

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