Thursday, 13 November 2014

Demystifying z/OS Capacity for Distributed Planners

Very few people can say that they've been involved with Capacity Management their entire career, but I can.  I was hired by a regional utility company about 20 years ago to be their planner for their new production platform called Unix.

No, Unix wasn't new then, either.  It was just the first time that company had trusted anything important on anything other than the mainframe.

To me, the mainframe has always been a bit mysterious.  I am well aware that the Capacity and Performance Management disciplines, techniques, and overall mindset were developed by people who knew and loved the mainframe.  It's not a secret to me -- companies that rely on mainframes tend to have the most mature Capacity Management processes and understand the need for proper planning on their distributed platforms, as well.

So our webinar on November 19 is exciting to me.  I've learned quite a bit about the mainframe and those that love them in the 11 years I've been with Metron.  I know which SMF/RMF records are important to the planner, I'm aware of what athene® ES/1 brings the planner, and I'm well aware of the richness of the data that mainframe folks have always been blessed with.

And yet...

The mainframe is STILL mysterious to me.

Are you a Unix, Windows, or VMware person who would like to hear a bit more about mainframes and what's similar and different between them and distributed platforms?  Block an hour in your calendar on November 19 and come and listen to experienced mainframe and distributed capacity planner and Metron Principal Consultant Charles Johnson.  He'll talk about why mainframes are still around decades after people started predicting their demise and decades after people started comparing those that tend to them as dinosaurs.

All I know is that I have a lot more respect for those people I met at the beginning of my career who appreciated the mainframe for what it could do...and still does.  Most of those people are winding down their careers now -- I hope there's a new generation of people willing to step up and learn...our webinar could be the first step for many.

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Rich Fronheiser
Chief Marketing Officer

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