Friday, 13 February 2015

Space Utilization - Key Metrics for Effective Storage Performance and Capacity Reporting (3 of 10)

What does storage ‘Utilization’ mean in your environment?

Utilization can be a variable definition and there are many factors to take in to account, these include RAID/DR, Raw/Configured, Host/SAN, Backups, Compression, Etc...
The term utilization can depend on whether you are including any of these factors and it is useful to know exactly what you wish to include and report on when determining whether you have under or over-utilized storage capacity.

Occupancy – Visibility

Once you have defined what you wish to include in your reports you can start collecting the data.
The chart below illustrates space used on a file system and is a regular trend chart with a threshold, as you can see moving out in to the future it is going to exceed the threshold.
You can use trending to report on a number of metrics but when an application is going to run out of space it is going to be at this level.
It’s advisable to be pro-active with trending to ensure that you can deal with any problems before they turn in to real performance issues.

Technical solutions can then be implemented to optimize storage space management, including databases.
On Monday I’ll be looking at Trending and Groups. Why not take a look at trending and modelling with athene®

Dale Feiste
Principal Consultant

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