Monday, 16 February 2015

Trending - Key Metrics for Effective Storage Performance and Capacity Reporting (4 of 10)

One thing to keep in mind for trending is to understand the limitations of linear regression when trending and forecasting data.

I’ve used the graphs below as an example of this.

In the second graph you can see what will happen eventually when that bottoms out or someone goes in and allocates more storage or frees more storage up – it skews the trend line.

Different Viewpoints

We’ve talked about different viewpoints when looking at your data, reports, trending and now I’m going to look at how useful it is to look at things in Groups.
You can group by Business, Application, Host, Storage Array, Billing Tier and what that really boils down to is providing more of a business or application view.

Above you can see this has been grouped to provide a commercial/business and a technical view. Application owners can go in and see how much storage they are consuming and this is particularly useful if you also include billing information.

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Dale Feiste
Principal Consultant

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