Friday, 4 September 2015

Maturing your Capacity Management processes - The Questionnaire (3 of 11)

Questionnaires tend to be a standard tool for capacity management maturity exercises with most organizations providing on-line variants or a standardized set of questions. 

This approach can be very useful as a starting point but their generic nature tends to mean there are lots of questions that are irrelevant to particular people or departments. 

While it’s true that most organizations face similar challenges, these challenges can be caused by different sets of circumstances. The other issue is language or jargon, in an ideal world everyone would talk the same language, the reality is that most organizations still have terminology or processes unique to them and a questionnaire is unlikely to align with the way things are done within your world.

Having said all that, questionnaires are very useful as a facilitator for future interviews and workshops. They begin the process of getting people to start thinking along the same lines.  By providing a selection of “standard” templates, people can begin to understand what will be required from them or their particular area.

The next step is the interviews and workshops themselves which I’ll discuss on Monday. In the meantime why not register for my Capacity Management -Assessing and Improving' webinar

Jamie Baker
Principal Consultant

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