Monday, 23 November 2015

VMware – Virtual Center Headroom (17 of 17) Capacity Management, Telling the Story

Today I’ll show you one final report on Vmware, which looks at headroom available in the Virtual Center.

In the example below we’re showing CPU usage. The average CPU usage is illustrated by the green bars, the light blue represents the amount of CPU available across this particular host and the dark blue line is the total CPU power available.

VMware – Virtual Center Headroom
We have aggregated all the hosts up within the cluster to see this information.
We can see from the green area at the bottom how much headroom we have to the blue line at the top,although actually in this case we will be comparing it to the turquoise area as this is the amount of CPU available for the VM’s.
This is due to the headroom taken by VMkernel which has to be taken in to consideration and explains the difference between the dark blue line and the turquoise area.

To summarize my blog series, when reporting:

        Stick to the facts

        Elevator talk

        Show as much information as needs to be shown

        Display the information appropriate for the audience

        Talk the language for the audience

….Tell the Story

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Charles Johnson
Principal Consultant

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