Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Top 5 Key Capacity Management Concerns for Unix/Linux (1 of 12)

Since UNIX systems were developed back in the 1970’s, things as you’d expect have moved on a long way.  Single CPU systems, the size of washing machines, have been replaced with many racks of multi-core (hyper-threaded) blade servers. 
In more recent years, the re-introduction of virtualization allowed for multiple virtual systems to be hosted on a single piece of hardware via a hypervisor.  Modern data centers will typically host many thousands of both physical and virtual servers.

Physical and Virtual hosts

    Web Servers

    Database hosts
The mix of physical and virtual tends to depend on what applications are being hosted.  It is likely that physical servers will be hosting large RDBMS instances and virtual servers hosting web applications.

On Thursday I'll be taking a look at licensing concerns.
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Jamie Baker
Principal Consultant

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