Friday, 8 July 2016

Model – Linux server change & disk change (15 of 17) Capacity Management, Telling the Story

Following on from Wednesday's blog today I'll show the model for change in our hardware.

In the top left hand corner we are showing that once we reach the ‘pain’ point and then make a hardware upgrade the CPU utilization drops back to within acceptable boundaries for the period going forward.

In the bottom left hand corner you can see from the primary results analysis that the upgrade would mean that the distribution of work is more evenly spread now.

The model in the top right hand corner has bought up an issue on device utilization with another disk so we would have to factor in an I/O change and see what the results of that would be and so on.

In the bottom right hand corner we can see that the service level has been fine for a couple of periods and then it is in trouble again, caused by the I/O issue.

Whilst this hardware upgrade would satisfy our CPU bottleneck it would not rectify the issue with I/O, so we would also need to upgrade our disks.

When forecasting modeling helps you to make recommendations on changes that will be required and when they will need to be implemented.

On Monday I'll take a look at some examples of VMware reports.

In the meantime why not register for our next webinar Capacity Planning and Forecasting using Analytic Modeling

Charles Johnson
Principal Consultant

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