Friday, 20 January 2017

What is a Capacity Management Information System (CMIS)?

Formally referred to as the CMIS, and considered a subset of the Configuration Management System (CMS), it is unlikely to be one physical database and more likely to be a number of logical databases that store capacity and performance related data. Typically data such as utilizations, financial and business statistics with additional relationship information being provided by the CMS.

The principles are the same, except we now have an “Information System” that is considered a Configuration Management DB within the CMS.
The CMIS and CMS are part of a larger Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) which is primarily about getting the right data to the right people or group, with an emphasis on refining the bulk of information into what’s important for a particular person/group.

So, it’s just a database right?

I’ll be dealing with questions like these at my free webinar on February 15 along with taking a look at:

  • What are the real challenges in implementing a CMIS?
  • What benefits can be expected?
  • What does it stand for and why is it known as the cornerstone of the capacity management process?
I’ll also explain how a CMIS provides process governance and helps mature the capacity process through a combination of integration, correlation, reporting and planning.

Jamie Baker
Principal Consultant

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